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  • verb

Synonyms for displace

Synonyms for displace

to alter the settled state or position of

to take the place of (another) against the other's will

Synonyms for displace

take the place of or have precedence over

cause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense

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In sample-self displacement chromatography of phosphorothioate oligonucleotides, the full-length, fully thioated oligonucleotide component in the sample that has the highest charge, hence the highest affinity for the stationary phase (the chromatography media), acts as the displacer.
How can the displacer, occupying a position of whiteness--in which whiteness, according to Tifsberger, (39) is "a history of seizure"--be enabled not to feel distressed or to implode psychologically?
com)-- The Magnetrol[R] Digital E3 Modulevel[R] Liquid Level Displacer Transmitter, an intrinsically safe two-wire instrument used for continuous liquid level measurement, liquid/liquid interface level measurement or density control, utilizes a high-temperature, custom design of the Macro Sensors PR Series of separate core LVDT Linear Position Sensors as part of the internal electronics needed to convert liquid level changes into 4-20mA output signals.
The special 7EK probe replaces Top-Bottom installed displacer transmitters.
Tenders are invited for Moisture Displacer Cum Protector Soft Film, Di- Electric Moisture Details As Per Tender Specifcation
WD-40, the popular lubricant, penetrant, moisture displacer, cleaner, and rust preventative is used by thousands of people daily to solve different problems, but one challenge they all face is keeping track of that little red spray tube.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Displacer Type Level Transmitter
The second body, the reactor, moves in response to the displacer.
compressor and DE-202 displacer,Flexible He gas tubes : Self sealing ss braided flexible helium tube fitted with
Among its many possible useful applications is one that can use what is called displacer technology to correct point mutations or effect small deletions or additions, even inside of living cells and tissue.
ANDRITZ s scope of supply included a chip feeding system (TurboFeed) for the cooking process, the oxygen delignification stage with drum displacer washer and knot separation, screening modernization, and modification of the A-stage in the bleaching process.
Medis El received patents on the Reciprocating Electric Machine and on the Displacer portion of the Stirling Cycle System.
In addition to an oil displacer and a socket for the oil drain plug, the oil filter has also been injection molded directly into the oil pan using a patented technology from IBS-Filtran.
Patent Office for a patent for a Displacer Assembly for Stirling Cycle System (Application 8/900,623) which together with its previously patented Stirling Cycle Linear Compressor (5,693,991) comprises a total Stirling Cycle System for use in refrigeration and air conditioning.
23, 1998--WD-40(R), the familiar multi-purpose, cleaner, penetrant, rust preventative and moisture displacer turns 45 years-old today.