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  • verb

Synonyms for displace

Synonyms for displace

to alter the settled state or position of

to take the place of (another) against the other's will

Synonyms for displace

take the place of or have precedence over

cause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense

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15) Emphasis was placed more upon making impression of displaceable tissue in its passive state.
As the preceding discussion shows, a written constitutional text can usefully serve as a locus for normative discourse in a flourishing constitutional culture even if--perhaps especially if--its original meaning is displaceable by social movements and norm entrepreneurs.
Contents Introduction Purpose and Organization Issues Not Considered in the Report Background on Gas-Fired Generation and Capacity Capacity Trends Factors Supporting the Boom in Gas-Fired Plant Construction Technology Natural Gas Prices Carbon Dioxide Emissions Electric Power Industry Restructuring and Overbuilding Coal Displacement Feasibility Issues Estimates of Displaceable Coal-Fired Generation and Emissions Transmission System Factors Isolation of the Interconnections Limited Long-Distance Transmission Capacity Transmission System Congestion Power Plant Proximity Analysis System Dispatch Factors Natural Gas Supply and Price Natural Gas Transportation and Storage Policy Considerations Figures Figure 1.
The Camino ICP monitor uses a fiberoptic cable to direct light toward a miniature displaceable mirror at the catheter tip.
the lower cup which is displaceable, its displacement being obtained by means of the pistons of two hydraulic cylinders on which it is supported;
interlined, corrected as if their words were mortal, alterable, displaceable at pleasure
I agree with this claim, yet I do not necessarily agree with Barkow's conclusion that the effect of competition on raising sanctions is limited since the set of displaceable crimes is very small.
However, only a fine line exists between this fluidity of identity positions and the notion that people are displaceable, interchangeable, replaceable, and disposable.
Additionally, the clamping-force buildup system offers a laterally displaceable plunger with integrated pressure pad.
Also new on the Elast 2700/400 V Compact is the clamping force build-up system featuring a laterally displaceable plunger with integrated pressure pad.
C]ritical desire, grasping the singularity or virtual ground in textual, psychological, and socioeconomic forms, is predicated on the notion of a neutral and displaceable, nonreferential "energy" present in an experience of narcissism, yet at the same time not reducible to it.
10) Herbert Spencer spoke of an "overflow of nerve-force" (1863) (11) and Freud introduced the concept of displaceable or sublimated energies (1920).
The bucket-handle tear of the superior labrum extends into the biceps tendon in Type IV lesions, leaving portions of the labral flap and biceps tendon displaceable into the glenohumeral joint.
Mark Borski, general manager of the Flex-Light sleeve business, explains that the "performance sleeve" is covered with displaceable urethane, which he describes as "a high performance flexo platform.
is rooted first of all in the memory of a displaced -- or displaceable -- population.