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in a dispirited manner without hope


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And while he trudged dispiritedly towards the travelling Everton fans to toss his shirt to the crowd and heave a heavy sigh at the final whistle, he'll have his side pumped up and purposeful again next weekend.
However, these Democrats can stay home from the polls, close their pocketbooks, refuse to participate in mobilization efforts, and dispiritedly blog about the terrible state of the party.
The words on the next page are: "Darkness overcomes you," and we see our girl on a dreary street of tenement buildings, shoulders dispiritedly slumped.
Those who didn't turn up in Manchester, or stare dispiritedly at their television screens, got the best deal.
Otherwise, dispiritedly pokey, lacking a spring in its step, and Wolf and Detmer exude little chemistry.
mid-town bar where the poet sits musing dispiritedly about the onset of
A note dispiritedly informs visitors that during site renovation, "we will continue to upload the day's top stories as regularly as possible.
But, after that second-half Blundell Park battering, the weather was to turn as ugly as their mood, as, amid a vile rainstorm, they dispiritedly joined the chaos on the M1.
A nod of recognition and, probably, a muttered curse of self-criticism followed before Ince turned dispiritedly on his heel and prepared to await the next wave of marauding Swedes.