dispersion medium

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(of colloids) a substance in which another is colloidally dispersed

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The shape and the location of the minima of all scattering curves could be well fitted by only varying the mass density of dispersion medium.
By manipulating the electron density of the dispersion medium, the microstructural parameters of the latex dispersion were evaluated based on quantitative discussion of the scattering intensity distribution profiles.
quartz) may be ground in the presence of the dispersion medium.
Metallic sols have especially bright color, owing to the great difference in densities and, consequently, in the refraction indices of the dispersed phase and the dispersion medium.
Colloids may be divided into two major classes: the type that readily goes into solution is called a lyophilic (solvent-loving) colloid (hydrophilic if the dispersion medium is water), and the type prepared from sparingly soluble substances is called a lyophobic (solvent-hating, hydrophobic in the case of water) colloid.
Under these conditions, some of the solvent molecules are excluded to the bulk dispersion medium.
A dispersion medium comprised of methoxyethanol and ethanol was selected for the polymerizations in which azobisizobutyronitrile and polyacrylic acid were used as the initiator and the steric stabilizer, respectively.
Among the attributes are that the dispersion medium separates immediately on deposition.
The ease of dispersion of these fillers reverses when non-polar rubber is the dispersion medium.
The hydrophobic portions adsorb to the particle surfaces and the hydrophilic portions extend into the water-based dispersion medium, creating the steric barrier.