dispersing medium

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(of colloids) a substance in which another is colloidally dispersed

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12) If fragile aggregates generated in a less viscous dispersing medium are destroyed with a small shear strain, the shear strain rather than shear rate turns to be a crucial factor.
12,15) Although the decreasing rate of weight can be predicted from surface temperature and thermal properties, (14) the thickness becomes constant when dispersing medium is still evaporating from pores generated in the drying film of particle dispersions.
5 [micro]m, and formed aggregates having the size of 5 [micro]m in the dispersing medium.
It is used as dispersing medium and open time agent reducing the tendency of the colorant to dry out during storage or in tinting machines.
Clear, colorless and providing a nongreasy feel, Dow Corning Toray FZ-3196 Fluid can be used as a carrier for other ingredients or as a dispersing medium for hydrophobic powders and pigments in a wide range of personal care products including skin creams, lotions and gels, suntan lotions, makeup removers, facial cleansers, color cosmetics and hair care products.
The outer shell is wide and diffused, with a high concentration of ions near the inner shell and a progressively lower concentration of ions as the distance from the surface of the particle to the bulk of the dispersing medium is increased.