dispersed phase

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(of colloids) a substance in the colloidal state

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For blends such as iPP/PS blends, the final particle size increases with the dispersed phase concentration due to increased coalescence (15).
excess] of HDPE/PA6 blend melts, the particle size of the dispersed phase can be easily calculated using these linear equations.
Moreover, the deformation process of dispersed phase particles is greatly dependant on the morphology of PP/EPDM/HDPE 70/20/10 ternary blends.
For high dispersed component loading (40 wt%), CNTs seem to be always distributed in SEBS-MA dispersed phase within the entire CNTs content range used, and a simultaneously toughening and strengthening effect is achieved.
However, at higher shear rates (kneading elements in the extruder), this viscosity ratio must be lower than 1 at 200[degrees]C because of the higher pseudoplastic character of the dispersed phase (PE1) than that of PLA (see Fig.
The size of the dispersed phase domains of the corresponding blend is measured.
The high-shear processing technology, recently developed, is of particular interest, inducing strong shear stress to facilitate the homogenous dispersion of fillers and to achieve a better distribution and size reduction of the dispersed phase.
PPG Industries has been granted a patent for a coating composition comprised of a continuous phase comprised of water and a dispersed phase comprised of a microgel having a mean particle size of greater than 50 nanometers to 900 nanometers and formed from reactants comprised of no more than 5% by weight, based on the total weight of the reactants, of a multi-ethylenically unsaturated compound, and a plurality of monoethylenically unsaturated compounds selected so as to provide a copolymer having a calculated Tg of greater than 100[degrees] C and comprised of a cycloaliphatic (meth)acrylate.
The team of four mechanical engineers who wrote the 1998 first edition of the textbook update it to incorporate the substantial changes in the science and technology of dispersed phase flows since then.
In the Smooth emulsion system, a continuous stream flows through the microchannel, with the dispersed phase introduced perpendicular to it after passing through a plate containing tiny pores.
To evaluate the input of real effects taking place in dispersed phase in CFB, an industrial CFB unit is used here as the two-phase flow domain occupied by the mixture of gas and particles.
The filled polymers discussed are "macroscopically coherent masses that exhibit interesting physical, mechanical, and/or rheological properties, often peculiar, but always resulting from interactions taking place between a matrix (the polymer) and a dispersed phase (the filler).
In mixing two immiscible fluids in a stirred system, energy is transferred to the fluid by the stirrer and the energy serves to suspend the dispersed phase to create turbulence in the fluid.