dispersed particles

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(of colloids) a substance in the colloidal state

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In the case of less concentrated particle dispersions containing a sufficient amount of soluble polymer, final products will be the polymer film containing dispersed particles, such as antireflective films (4) and transparent insulating films.
5 and 6 and in Table 3, the dispersed particle size increases as the amount of OMMT increases.
These fine dispersed particles have a negative impact on dewatering and optimizing the changes in the process and maximizing the degree of flocculation improves downstream dewatering.
Thus, main elements of sodium alginate NO4-600 structure are dispersed particles of irregular shape with size of 20-250 pm with crystal-like formations on the surface.
When using as a modifiers of high active dispersed particles of non-lamellar structure (carbon, mechanically activated particles obtained by carbon fibers grinding, etc.
But the mixing rule does work for micron dimensions of dispersed particles and in such dispersion the panicles act as defects inside the polymer matrix leading to poor mechanical properties.
Rice flours produced from milled rice using a jet mill had finely dispersed particles, with an average size of 3 [micro]m and a particle size distribution of 0.
Per Rokke, there is no safe disposal method for debris carrying depleted uranium, and dispersed particles can affect areas within a thousand-mile radius.
Slurries of amylaceous flour from milled seed of cereals, beans and legumes containing dispersed particles of starch-protein agglomerates are subjected to high pressure to obtain deagglomerated starch granules and protein.
The scattering pattern, obtained for illuminating dispersed particles with a laser beam, contains information about particle size.
The researchers expected the widely dispersed particles to behave in one of two ways.
PSF-G-10/101, with polysulfonate fibers, was developed for the fine filtration of highly dispersed particles from gases and is designed for use as a bacterial filter, primarily in the food processing, medical and microbiology industries.
The combination of small, uniformly dispersed particles and a uniformly coated thin layer result in higher signal-to-noise ratios and resolution - critical for maximizing the capability of Giant Magneto-Resistive (GMR) heads, which represent one of the advances in next-generation recording technology.