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Synonyms for phase

Synonyms for phase

an interval regarded as a distinct evolutionary or developmental unit


the particular angle from which something is considered

Synonyms for phase

a particular point in the time of a cycle

(astronomy) the particular appearance of a body's state of illumination (especially one of the recurring shapes of the part of Earth's moon that is illuminated by the sun)

arrange in phases or stages

Related Words

adjust so as to be in a synchronized condition

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d*] is the average disperse phase volume conditioned to the presence of the disperse phase centered at (x, t) and the integration surface, [S.
where N(x, t) = [integral] dzP*(t,x, z) is the local particle number density and the overbar followed by an asterisk denotes the average conditioned to the presence of disperse phase centered at (x, t).
The turbidity of a multiphase polymeric system is dependent upon the type, volume fraction, particle size and shape of the disperse phase, i.
where [phi] is the volume fraction of the disperse phase and [H.
0]) measured during the polymer matrix flow without the disperse phase, to the maximum value, called saturation value ([V.
Employing the volume concentration ratio (ratio between the volume component of the disperse phase and the volume component of the continuous phase):
Both samples show holes with sharp borders at the disperse phase particle sites.
The influence of the concentration of the disperse phase and the viscosity ratio of blends on the blend morphology was investigated.
The main mechanism by which this happened was reduced particle size as a consequence of retarded disperse phase growth rates.
At high immiscibility the transient layer at the interphase is not formed, and stresses from the matrix cannot be transmitted to the disperse phase.
The filtrate, in all cases, contains a suspension of the disperse phase polymer with a droplet-type morphology.
The shrinkage of the streak and the concurrent growth of scattering in the direction of flow may indicate systematic breakup of the elongated disperse phase.
Depending on the concentrations, the LCP can be the disperse phase or the matrix phase.