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Both the dispersant and surfactant continuums share similarities and, in particular, they overlap significantly on the ends of the continuums where nonionic dispersants and high-HLB ethoxylated surfactants serve very similar functions.
Dispersant, and the mixture of oil and dispersant, may be highly toxic to coral larvae and prevent them from building new parts of the reef," said Dr.
The LAEO is about to publish a position paper to educate emergency response professionals and industry stakeholders, calling for a ban on the use of dispersants while bringing to light alternative solutions.
Tamol and Orotan high-performance dispersants from Dow have filled a significant market need for the coatings industry, as well as other Dow businesses in North America and worldwide," explained Jose Maria Bermudez, business director, Dow Coating Materials North America.
Caption: Dispersants are applied to keep clumps of oil like this from fouling shorelines after oil spills.
The researchers said that the application of the dispersant chemicals changed the behaviour of the oil when it hit the gulf coast's beaches in three ways.
Shell, which said the leak has been stopped, has estimated that less than 40,000 barrels of crude have spilled into the sea and deployed ships with dispersants to attack the slick.
Environmental Protection Agency to track Corexit and could be used to monitor the dispersant over longer time and distances, she said.
A major toxicity concern emerged from the use of Corexit, an oil dispersant.
developed the concept for the new dispersant, and the research team now has moved the material from concept to a prototype dispersant suitable for testing on actual oil spills.
Surprisingly, the press release admits to dispersant chemicals being present in some of their seafood samples: "Using this new, second test, in the Gulf scientists have tested 1,735 tissue samples .
Coast Guard's decision-making process, after Markey learned that use of oil dispersants was approved "virtually every day," despite a May 26 order to BP by the Coast Guard and the Environmental Protection Agency to only use the dispersant in "rare cases.
Dispersant is released off the coast of Houma, Louisiana, from a Basler BT-67 fixed-wing aircraft, 5 May 2010 (above).
At a press conference last Monday, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson announced that the dispersant that BP is using on the oil spill off of the Gulf Coast, called Corexit, is being used in unprecedented ways and unprecedented quantities--over 840,000 gallons and counting.
The composition comprises two or more substances that are not evenly dispersed, at least one liquid and at least one powder, the composition contains no added water beyond any trace or incidental amounts present in the active ingredients, and the composition does not include a dispersant.