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Synonyms for dispense

Synonyms for dispense

to give out in portions or shares

to provide as a remedy

to oversee the provision or execution of

to free from an obligation or duty

Synonyms for dispense

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A frequency of 500Hz implies that the pump can dispense 500 shots per second on the substrate.
Units come complete with supply containers, controls, meters, dispense valve, housing and all interconnecting piping.
We developed the Radial Spinner System to meet requests for a way to dispense fluids inside components where spray valves wouldn't fit, or where fluid must be kept within a defined area," said EFD President Peter Lambert.
PurgeX injector metering pump system, which dispenses a liquid spray, stream or drop, eliminates vapor lock and cavitation.
The AlphaRim can dispense both filled and unfilled materials.
Besides dispensing medications for patients at that facility, ROBOT-Rx at Shadyside also dispenses medications for patients at UPMC's St.
And instead of central blending, individual dispensing systems can automatically blend and dispense mold charges on demand at the press.
TM), manufactures and sells proprietary packaging systems for use by pharmacies that dispense prescription medications to nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
CycloTech(TM) is a compact, hand held device that is designed to dispense SangStat's proprietary Cyclosporine oral solution formulation candidate, display dose size, time to next dose, remaining available doses and doses dispensed by a transplant recipient.
The button-actuated, patented nozzle inside the convenient, moveable wand dispenses water and concentrate simultaneously and repeatedly for up to six flavors.
The microprocessor-driven system mixes and dispenses, ensuring a controlled mixture and an accurate, standard portion.
The microprocessor-driven system mixes and dispenses from juice concentrates, ensuring a controlled mixture and an accurate, standard portion.
The microprocessor-driven system mixes and dispenses more ingredients than conventional dispensers that mix soda and a syrup.
This system accurately dispenses tints to match precise color formulas stored in an interfaced computer.
Accurately repeats shots of 1 cc and up at speeds from less than 1 lb/min to 100 lb/ min and dispenses viscosities from water-thin to heavily filled pastes.