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distributed or weighted out in carefully determined portions

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Line width is defined by the series of dots dispensed at a correct spacing to align properly to form a straight and non-scalloped line.
The latest IPS modular dispensing systems enable liquid dyes to be dispensed and mixed on-demand, to precise specifications.
Conversely, high viscosity and micro-volumes may be problematic for peristaltic pump dispensing along with fluid dispensed in fractions rather than full volumes.
A Snuf-Bak or No-Drip mix-dispense valve for long life in high-cycle dispensing applications with seals matched to each fluid dispensed.
2 : to give out as deserved <The judge dispensed justice.
Putty and catalyst mixed and dispensed through a mixing block and chamber.
Once a limit is reached, the operator can take pre-specified actions that will ensure that the dispensed amount remains within a tolerance value.
If medications are not dispensed, the unit will take action and call caregivers to inform them of a missed dose.
The countertop unit integrates a computer monitor, labeling device and bar code scanner with fingerprint verification to provide work flow control and dispensing accuracy for manually dispensed products.
As manufacturing volumes increase, the typical response is to increase the number of dispense heads so multiple strips can be dispensed simultaneously.
Materials dispensed can range from very low (water-like) to very high (toothpaste-like) viscosity and encompass many different functions.
The company's acclaimed IPS program of modular dispensing systems enable liquid dyes to be dispensed and mixed on-demand, to precision specification.