dispense with

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Synonyms for dispense with

give up what is not strictly needed

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do without or cease to hold or adhere to

forgo or do or go without

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Nell thought that she could sometimes dispense with her own appetite very conveniently; and thought, moreover, that there was nothing either in the lady's personal appearance or in her manner of taking tea, to lead to the conclusion that her natural relish for meat and drink had at all failed her.
In some States the Specimens are occasionally fed and suffered to exist for several years; but in the more temperate and better regulated regions, it is found in the long run more advantageous for the educational interests of the young, to dispense with food, and to renew the Specimens every month -- which is about the average duration of the foodless existence of the Criminal class.
And, in the second place, we all overlooked the fact that such mechanical intelligence as the Martian possessed was quite able to dispense with muscular exertion at a pinch.
The reader will dispense with a second description of that habitation: he, perhaps, has been with us there before, and knows it.
It was necessary to rewrite them or to dispense with them.