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Synonyms for dispense

Synonyms for dispense

to give out in portions or shares

to provide as a remedy

to oversee the provision or execution of

to free from an obligation or duty

Synonyms for dispense

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The enhanced performance is said to make possible unprecedented precision in obtaining the desired ratio of ingredients in batches that include minute amounts of additives, even additives that until now were difficult to dispense accurately.
Having the Personas M Series ATMs in their main branch offers the best solution for easily introducing new services, while allowing high availability of the traditional cash dispense function.
A claim of [plus or minus]1% accuracy, for example, could mean that a blender set to dispense 4% color concentrate actually delivers from 3% to 5% colorant, which would be [plus or minus]1% of the total batch weight.
Also high-volume web-out systems, Multi Color Block for up to eight gelcoat colors, and Big Bertha high-volume chopper gun that can dispense up to 35 lb/min of laminate and handle six strands of glass.
The unit uses fixed nozzles to dispense into bags of various lengths with varying foam-fill percentages.
and under an exclusive services and marketing agreement, DSI will now be able to offer billing and collections services for those medical practices that dispense medications to their workers' compensation patients.
The EV Series includes a simple vision camera to support on-screen set-up, while the E Series relies on a Teach Pendant for dispense programming.
8,845,818 B2; Henkel AG has been awarded patent coverage for an apparatus to dispense one or more cleaning substances in a household appliance.
REQUIREMENTS FOR HIGHER speed and precision in applying very small volumes of material in precise locations have been met with the development of better pump technologies and dispense methodologies for a much more controlled and automated process with tighter tolerance levels and higher throughput.
About Automated Dispensing Machines An automated dispensing machine is a type of vending machine used to dispense drugs and other medical supplies to patients.
It was designed to dispense a variety of low- to medium-viscosity materials with extreme precision.
Manual adjustment knobs allow for easy setting of dispense volume (shot size) and dispense speed.
These drives provide users with benefits such as: choice of dispense functions by time or by volume, output set by speed or flow rate, interval dispensing with a pause or with a preset number of dispensing cycles and a piston stroke which can be automatically reversed at the end of a dispense to prevent any drips.
A recent study conducted by the accounting firm Grant Thornton found that the average cost to dispense a prescription drug is $10.
INDy nonatomized internal-mix sprayup system features the INDy single orifice-directed column nonatomized dispense nozzle.