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clinic where medicine and medical supplies are dispensed

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Roach said applicants will be evaluated and scored on factors including the ability to meet the health needs of the patients, appropriateness of the site, geographic distribution of the dispensaries, local support and public safety plans.
But Deputy Chief Moore believes some dispensaries haven't reported problems, so the number of heists may actually be higher than 200.
Millions of worth machinery, which was imported, for these dispensaries is becoming dysfunctional due to this negligence.
Cooley's office estimates there are some 900 dispensaries operating in Los Angeles County - concentrated in the city, and particularly in the San Fernando Valley.
The company created a special selection of signs, labels, and tags for marijuana dispensaries, retail stores, grow facilities, and testing labs.
Regulators began inspections and enforcement several weeks after it began licensing medical marijuana dispensaries in March.
In a statement issued here on Tuesday, he said that besides Sindh Government, the industrialists are also providing funds of billions of rupees to SESSI in respect of provision of medical facilities to workers community but the workers have been deprived of getting medical facilities in Social Security hospitals and dispensaries due to non-availability of surgeons, doctors and medicines.
Attorney General Martha Coakley ruled this year that towns could not ban dispensaries outright but may impose moratoriums or zoning restrictions.
Islamabad -- At least 33 dispensaries established under federal government polyclinic hospital for Out Door Patients (OPD) in federal capital are lacking ambulance facility.
On Thursday, medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon that choose to do so can begin selling dried pot leaves and flowers to people other than the patients they've been serving the past 18 months.
New York State has announced that five organizations have been approved to open marijuana dispensaries in New York City.
Kane, Shrewsbury residents overwhelmingly supported the latest ballot question authorizing state lawmakers to approve medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts.
CannaBuild is aiming to develop an app for marijuana dispensaries to serve their customers online.
RAWALPINDI -- Owing to engagement of doctors and paramedical staff in anti dengue campaign, 34 dispensaries of Tehsil Rawalpindi stand closed virtually.
The immaculate records of dispensary services at Janishian, part of the Karagheusian Foundation, are not the norm, as some pharmacists complain that many of the 800 dispensaries scattered across the country are in a state of disarray.