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Synonyms for dispensable

Synonyms for dispensable

Antonyms for dispensable

capable of being dispensed with or done without

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With the recognition that the spectrin repeats in dystrophin are not dispensable, it is important that we continue our research to understand the full function of the dystrophin complex.
The Chinese are looking to the region--from Pakistan and Iran to Saudi Arabia and Turkey--to help supply their vast needs for energy and products, said Nasr, author of "The Dispensable Nation," which critiques the Obama Aministration's foreign policy.
Favourites to win BGT are Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli, the fat kid with the amazing operatic voice and his dispensable friend.
When a priest fails to keep celibacy, that man-made rule that even the Roman Catholic Church admits is changeable, adaptable and dispensable, we should not be so easily scandalized," Cutie wrote.
In an era of i40-character limits on Twitter, articles are dispensable, said Interpublic Group of Co.
Until nowit was dispensable, however, Italy now is absolutely convinced of supporting the establishment of a Palestinian state, therefore there should be an Italian center in Palestine alongside the one in Tel Aviv.
Leader says one in five state employees is dispensable
But DLA Piper's barrister Gavin Mansfield likened the situation to a "sinking ship", and said Ms Sweeney was simply the most dispensable.
But DLA Piper's barrister Gavin Mansfield likened the firm's financial situation to a "sinking ship" and said Ms Sweeney was simply the most dispensable.
The latest revelations in The Journal on December 9 add fuel to the theory that Northern Rock was deemed dispensable.
This is one human deciding another human life is dispensable, if it is causing them too much trouble.
Dispensable lives were and are either assumed (naturalized "feelings") or established by decree (laws, public policies).
The ball with singer Beyonce chanting, "At last", was also dispensable.
In this process human beings, let alone other living creatures, are dispensable raw material, valued only for the money which can be made out of them.
The main advantage of direct drive wind turbines is their smart, straightforward design that makes the use of gearboxes dispensable.