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Synonyms for dispensable

Synonyms for dispensable

Antonyms for dispensable

capable of being dispensed with or done without

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This brand has performed very well for us, and we are pleased to add the food service dispensable pouch and dipping cup cheese sauce businesses to our existing Ortega business.
Frank figures that Dale - the cool-headed brains of the operation - is both dispensable and thick enough not to see what's what.
Miss Cottle's case highlights the appalling attitude to the elderly in our society: once you reach a certain age you are deemed dispensable and good-for-nothing and are presumed to have no rights.
Even more distressing is the realisation our talents and skills are dispensable.
Precisely because not all goods hang together, one irreplaceable aspect of integrity is a practiced facility for trading off more dispensable values for those that are less dispensable.
Many workers never relax on vacation because of a nagging fear that if all goes well when they are away, they may be considered dispensable.
To the housewife, a definitely dispensable product category is an expenditure item she believes she "can certainly do without and live without.
Featuring laid-back numbers courtesy of mandolin player Ben Winship and bassist David Thompson, the album's subtitle tells you exactly what to expect, but its selling point - its utterly low-key nature - also makes it fairly dispensable.
Duped by the Americanisation of British politics, the special relationship and Perle's redefinitionthat the USA should also forge easily dispensable allegiances in pursuit of their own aims, Mr Blair's mission maybe our own Vietnam.
It means that Silvinho has suddenly become dispensable even though he was a huge crowd favourite during his two seasons at Highbury.
Michael Mansfield, QC, told the public inquiry into his death: "With his customary insight he grasped the predicament immediately and drew on his experiences in South Africa, where black life had been dispensable throughout the apartheid years.
Although they vary in their particulars - The New Father is a sensitive, androgynous spouse willing to change diapers while The Sperm Father "completes his fatherhood prior to the birth of his child" - the new roles share two common underpinnings: 1) They hold parental fights above those of children and 2) They assume that any specifically masculine role in child-rearing is dispensable, if not inherently destructive.
Essentially a two-hour Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck cartoon, only without the same rigorous character development, ``Knights'' plays to the strengths of its likable leads - Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson - and has the good sense to keep dispensable things (story, logic) from getting in their way.
They are Motherwell College, Stars and Moon, Arrochar Associates, Hospitality Dynamics, Inn Dispensable and Bill and Anne Stanaway, award-winners at the 2001 National Innkeeping Training Awards, organised by the British Institute of Innkeeping.