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the quality possessed by something that you can get along without

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Though we can understand this choice, it does not help us understand Langford's recourse to Mbembe's necropolitics with its emphasis on "the institutionalized dispensability of racialized peoples".
The synchronic version of Money Pump demonstrates the dialectical dispensability of the threat of exploitation.
The dispenser is conveniently placed next to the toilet roll holder, or in combination with it, and the goal was to achieve moisture retention over a long period and easy dispensability from the first till the last wipe.
Additionally, because many second-year TFA teachers were laid off from their district teaching positions, they have a very real sense of the dispensability of teachers.
Zhang presents hypermasculinity as an attendant feature of China's transition to a state market economy, and Elizabeth Schewe explores the vulnerability and dispensability of trans masculinity within neoliberal filmic frames.
There is a disbelief in the inmate's "recovery", therefore, it's concluded that the dispensability of fulfillment of their demands.
Because Chelsea have more tippytappy sorts than your average chorus line, hence Juan Mata's dispensability.
Bruun, Dispensability of Member Effort and Group Motivation Losses: Free-Rider Effects, 44 J.
UniK2 is highly suitable for functional foods, meeting food-processing demands including high temperature stability, dispensability and other common manufacturing processes.
Poland's ability to maintain some economic growth amidst the rest of Europe's stagnation and fiscal crises mitigates this perception of weakness and dispensability, but only marginally.
The clown Pompey stresses the dispensability, the presumed featurelessness of Barnardine through his catalog of generic names of the prison's denizens: Master Rash, young Dizzy, Master Forthright, wild Half-can, and so on.
Girls are certainly not supposed to be agents, and blacks are certainly not supposed to agree to their dispensability.
Nature recognizes the principle of dispensability and this is what Modi and his supporters should see while finalizing their political strategies.