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Synonyms for dispatch

Synonyms for dispatch

to cause (something) to be conveyed to a destination

to eat completely or entirely

Synonyms for dispatch

an official report (usually sent in haste)

the act of sending off something

the property of being prompt and efficient

killing a person or animal

send away towards a designated goal

kill intentionally and with premeditation

dispose of rapidly and without delay and efficiently

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kill without delay

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With Dispatches you use gestures, push button changes, and speech to text to create your photo magazine.
NASDAQ:WSTL), a leading provider of broadband access solutions, today announced it has developed the first product to permit unmanned local loop end-to-end definitive testing of Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL), which dramatically reduces the need for costly field dispatches by telephone companies.
The solution allows a dispatcher the flexibility of sending dispatches for delivery or pickup and receiving acceptance/rejection notifications from the drivers, all in real-time.
The Tillamook County Emergency Communications District dispatches for four police departments, the sheriff's office, nine fire departments and four EMS agencies using New World Systems' Windows(R)-based Aegis(R)/MSP CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch).
The center dispatches police and fire calls for service for the City and County using Tiburon's CAD/2000 product.
Surfside recognizes the importance of Mobile Data Communications and has created AutoDisp(TM) , a program that silently dispatches trips and messages to terminals located inside the vehicles.
We believe the next step will be for one or more clubs to encourage contractors to look closely at Internet-based dispatching technology, and begin receiving dispatches in that manner," Lavelle predicted.