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the official who signals the beginning of a race or competition


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employee of a transportation company who controls the departures of vehicles according to weather conditions and in the interest of efficient service

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According to the proposal outlined by the Worcester officials, the city is offering a "shareholder" based system, meaning the city would provide dispatchers and the town would be assessed for those services.
We're proud of the dedication and solidarity of the Allegiant flight dispatchers and we look forward to providing them with first class representation.
03am, a dispatcher can be heard asking "What is the number of ambulances you will require?
03am: A dispatcher asks how many ambulances are required.
This interface ensures communication with the dispatcher and translates messages to simple analog or digital values.
The dispatcher instinctively let the man talk and listened with interest as he reminisced about his life experiences and ventilated his feelings.
Moreover, dispatcher instruction in CPR could be delivered to bystanders even more rapidly today than it was in the King County study, Dr.
The literature lacks a framework for studying dispatcher demographic and job characteristics.
RICHARDSON, Texas -- The new Dispatcher for ASSET[R] InterTech's ScanWorks[R] platform for embedded instrumentation manages the application of tests and diagnostics on an unlimited number of circuit boards in parallel.
PRINCETON - Dispatchers spoke out this week against the possibility of regionalizing Princeton's dispatching service with Holden's.
It requires great experience and full concentration on the work of the dispatcher who monitors the events in rail traffic and based on this makes timely decisions on further traffic continuation.
A transcript of the 911 call between the mother of a mentally ill 19-year-old and an emergency dispatcher illustrates the family's desperation as events quickly escalated to a fatal conclusion that November morning.
on September 8, Vincent Llanas of Thornton, Texas, was on the phone with a police dispatcher because he had heard someone trying to break into his house.
HCSS, the well-known provider of HeavyBid Estimating Software and Heavy Job Field Management Software, now offers The Dispatcher to streamline construction dispatching operations.
The PMS has essentially three tiers of dispatcher operations located throughout the country.