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a messenger who carries military dispatches (usually on a motorcycle)

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The motorbike fan joined the Royal Corps of Signals as a dispatch rider at 19 in 1941 and was at the D-Day landings in France.
FORMER motorbike dispatch rider Don Sheppard strolled on to Juno Beach and said: "I never thought I would last five minutes the last time I stood here.
Manslaughter charges against a total of nine photographers and a French press dispatch rider were dropped during the inquiry into the tragedy, as were charges of failing to assist at the scene of an accident.
His varied list includes working as a dispatch rider, an electrician, a journalist and theatre critic and replacing windows.
Les met his wife Norah in Cornwall, where she was working as dispatch rider, and the couple wed on April 14, 1945.
Fred Hill was a retired mathematics teacher and former World War II dispatch rider who refused to wear a helmet while riding his motorcycle, believing the compulsory helmet law to be an infringement of personal liberty.
After Robert returned from the desert as a dispatch rider, they moved to Edinburgh for him to work as a joiner and Susan as a machinist.
Frank was a motorcycle dispatch rider in the First World War.
For three and a half years I was a dispatch rider, moving between four service corps companies - Tamworth, Liverpool, Manchester and Penarth.
Mr Jones, who landed in Normandy as a motorcycle dispatch rider, said: "For people like myself, attending the event without the Queen being there would be a soulless experience.
But it was rather different for David Goss, who had to avoid a few bombs as a motorcycle dispatch rider in theBirmingham area.
I was a dispatch rider in the Royal Signals and five of us used to travel from Brussels to holland delivering mail.
After playing football for Radford United and doing National Service as an army dispatch rider, he was married in 1954 to Eva.
He became fluent in Danish, and at the outbreak of World War II was posted to Iceland as dispatch rider with the Northumberland Fusiliers.