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case consisting of an oblong container (usually having a lock) for carrying dispatches or other valuables

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Not for the contents of his borrowed speech, but for his choice of tipple on the one day alcohol is permitted to be sipped at the house of commons dispatch box.
And I must say that David Cameron did look like a big daft public schoolboy across the Dispatch Box after the Queen's Speech - with Blair threatening him with a punch from his sidekick Bruiser Brown.
Everyone knows that this is my last appearance at this dispatch box.
Davis will be hoping to make a comeback at the dispatch box next week - and it better be good.
WITH the 2004 Budget scheduled for Wednesday (March 17), SecureMove Property Services, the corporate property services subsidiary of Bradford & Bingley plc, reveals its wish list of issues for the Chancellor to address at the dispatch box to assist growth in the residential and commercial property sectors.
Unfortunately, the culture of spindoctoring is now so well established that the ability to use the media to his own ends is now a more important factor in a minister's success than his performance at the dispatch box.
the first Muslim woman minister to speak from the government dispatch box - the member for Wealden.
Corbyn, a half-Brexiteer himself, cannot even hold her to account at the dispatch box.
Mr Corbyn's performance at the dispatch box on Wednesday when he faced Theresa May for the first time at Prime Minister's Questions has been strongly criticised by Labour leadership challenger Owen Smith.
He then tossed it across the Dispatch Box towards Mr Osborne, who picked it up, opened it and quipped: "Oh look
He helped me when I stood in for Tony at the dispatch box.
But it has to be said his performance at the dispatch box was very mediocre and lacklustre.
When he took over from Iain Duncan Smith he made an immediate impact, but on this week's evidence in a year's time Tony Blair could be facing his fifth opponent at the dispatch box.
He must now come to the Dispatch Box and answer questions.
Her dispatch box and an array of power suits are also to be sold at today's auction, which organisers hailed as "historic".