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Synonyms for dispatch

Synonyms for dispatch

to cause (something) to be conveyed to a destination

to eat completely or entirely

Synonyms for dispatch

an official report (usually sent in haste)

the act of sending off something

the property of being prompt and efficient

killing a person or animal

send away towards a designated goal

kill intentionally and with premeditation

dispose of rapidly and without delay and efficiently

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kill without delay

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color) Los Angeles Police Department dispatcher Jacqui Dreben answers 911 calls at the Valley Dispatch Center on Thursday.
A dispatcher who understands the procedures involved in each service's response will be better equipped to make informed dispatch decisions and assist field operations more effectively.
The fire dispatch center would occupy one floor, and the Emergency Preparedness Department and Police Department would have operations centers on another.
She recalls being in the LAPD's old dispatch center, housed in the basement of City Hall, during the Northridge Earthquake.
About six weeks ago, the city moved its 911 operators from the basement of City Hall East to the new Metropolitan Dispatch Center downtown, and will move radio operations in about two weeks, Jantz said.
The city of Ventura will resume sharing its sales tax revenue with Ventura County in exchange for receiving fire dispatch services under a deal designed to settle a yearlong dispute.
WEST HILLS - Nine years after voters approved funding, Mayor James Hahn and other city officials stood Monday on a platform decorated with blue and white balloons and proudly cut the ribbon Monday on the new LAPD emergency dispatch center in the northwest San Fernando Valley.
5 million dispatch center next to police headquarters that Mayor Richard Riordan said will house the ``best 911 system in the world.
GLENDALE - The Verdugo Fire Dispatch began receiving and dispatching fire and emergency medical calls for the city of Monrovia as of July 1.
Emergency Medical Services Agency's prioritized dispatch system will make possible a response time of 8-1/2 minutes or less - 1-1/2 minutes faster than the current mandated time - during 90 percent of the calls, officials said.
Mike Downing, who commands the Central Dispatch Center, said calls were rerouted to the city's 18 local police divisions.