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This ongoing planning debacle - which has lasted many years and has still yet to be resolved - indicates, I believe, the need for a non-politician led committee given the task of dispassionately looking at the strategic infrastructure needs of the country extended beyond the constraints of the political cycle.
First, city authorities are not "threatening charges,'' they actually filed them, and did so dispassionately, after careful deliberation, and solely in response to evidence that the law was broken.
Yes, a lot of Clarkson's outpourings are intended as controversial guff, that's what he does - but if you look at his latest ramblings dispassionately some of what he says is reasonable and we should take it on board.
The statement said that members of the board had consulted dispassionately with supporters, vice presidents, Community Foundation members, executives, staff, sponsors and other relevant stakeholders in order to help the club reach the decision.
Members of the board have consulted dispassionately with the club's supporters, vice presidents, community foundation members, executives, staff, sponsors and other relevant stakeholders in order to help it reach this decision.
Approach this case entirely dispassionately, without any sympathy for one side or the other.
If one dispassionately examines the situation one would reach the conclusion that on one hand strong centre syndrome reflected in the formation of One Unit in 1955 and on the other centrifugal tendencies on the part of some Baloch sardars were responsible for continuous confrontation and crisis in Balochistan.
He noted that referendums usually "have clear rules on national constitutional law that should be looked into carefully and dispassionately," adding that Ban urges "all concerned" to think about the "implications of any hasty actions or decisions taken in the heat of the moment.
He said it was the newspapers' responsibility to " ensure that ideas are debated dispassionately and thoughts are articulated without fear or favour so that opinion is well informed.
Frankly speaking and looking at it dispassionately it is not a problem, but a necessity.
But even if there were viable candidates from within the department, Grimaldi should hire from the outside to provide an experienced new leader who can dispassionately assess the department and determine what, if any, changes are needed.
It is right that disputes such as this are decided dispassionately and fairly through the courts.
For the leader in these circumstances, the first step Is to retain or regain emotional control and then proceed dispassionately.