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You are not impulsive, you are not romantic, you are accustomed to view everything from the strong dispassionate ground of reason and calculation.
Gradgrind, breaking into a smile, after being for the moment at a loss, 'you are even more dispassionate than I expected, Louisa.
A generous nature is not prone to strong aversions, and is slow to admit them even dispassionately; but when it finds ill-will gaining upon it, and can discern between-whiles that its origin is not dispassionate, such a nature becomes distressed.
Pickwick, in a tone which, to any dispassionate listener, carried conviction with it.
Tulliver, when under the influence of a strong feeling, had a promptitude in action that may seem inconsistent with that painful sense of the complicated, puzzling nature of human affairs under which his more dispassionate deliberations were conducted; but it is really not improbable that there was a direct relation between these apparently contradictory phenomena, since I have observed that for getting a strong impression that a skein is tangled there is nothing like snatching hastily at a single thread.
And how much more this cloning of the press, this reverse from dispassionate analysis, places the burden on the regional media to maintain a complete independence from the barons and the Millbank manipulospeak.
I really do feel an apology is in order from Westgate to the Rugby Sevens in view of the fact that you advertise your aim is to be `` the objective, accurate, and dispassionate voice of the nation''.
The study, never dispassionate, is beautifully and forcefully written: fresh observations appear on every page.
The main difference between presenting the case to a Housing Court judge and to a judge and jury hangs on the fact that in a jury trial, you are no longer addressing a supposedly dispassionate judge.
We continue to believe, however, that a dispassionate resolution of the complex issues will ultimately have to occur in a court.
Yet this narrator is neither naive nor dispassionate, but complex and not altogether admirable.
Eric Knight, CEO of UP Aerospace, said of Heiden and his firm, "Their ability to take a hard, dispassionate look at the business model, to determine the investment value, and to identify suitable partners were as critical to getting to this point as the rocket engineering.
Mr Justice Sweeney wants a "cool, calm, dispassionate consideration of evidence".
What is required now is a full examination of all the data by dispassionate epidemiologists to get the best estimates in the UK screening setting.
Using a wide breadth of sources, including letters and monographs, Cuda argues that these authors were not dispassionate Modernists but fully invested in strong human emotions.