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Synonyms for disparity

Synonyms for disparity

the condition or fact of being unequal, as in age, rank, or degree

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inequality or difference in some respect

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Researchers noted that disparities affecting the LGB community come at a significant cost to society --and that data is lacking on disparities that may affect seniors by gender identity and expression.
Since there are so many alternatives possible for computing the DSI, that it is better to sample the DSI at fractional disparities and to interpolate the resulting surface when looking for local minima.
The author covers the history of health disparity in the US, the extent of the health status gap, diversity and its definition, health disparities by the numbers and Obamacare, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
The aim of this paper is to assess the development of disparities in the economic performance among regions of the Visegrad Group countries, to identify the way in which economic growth factors determine these disparities, and partly to assess whether the integration of Visegrad Group countries into the European Union has affected the development of regional disparities in these countries.
Prior studies have shown that minorities tend to receive care in lower performing Medicare health plans, so at least some of the observed disparities in care can be attributed to between-plan differences (Trivedi et al.
Keywords: regional economic development, economic disparities, institutional approach
HEAA will reduce racial and ethnic health disparities in the health care system by funding efforts to improve language-access services and culturally appropriate care, reducing barriers to health care coverage and access, and improving women's reproductive and maternal health outcomes.
The goal should be simply to make the inevitable disparities as tolerable as possible for everyone, independent of whether you are average, exceptional, or challenged by any particular standard.
It shall be insane if our social scientist claim that those disparities are not in rush.
The December election was conducted with the same zoning of electoral districts as in the 2009 contest although the law enacted in November to reduce vote weight disparities requires that the number of lower house single-seat constituencies be cut to 295 from 300.
This paper argues that health equity demands the use of coercive legal mechanisms in certain circumstances given the existence of current disparities and the evidence of effectiveness of direct regulation as compared to its alternatives.
For students and policy makers working in health care fields, this volume on disparities in care explores the effectiveness of health care reform policies in addressing consistent and long term problems in the American system of care.
Healthcare Disparities at the Crossroads with Healthcare Reform.
Health disparities have grown quite dramatically among people in the same socioeconomic groups--oftentimes more than those among different groups, a study published in Social Science Research has found.