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Synonyms for disparity

Synonyms for disparity

the condition or fact of being unequal, as in age, rank, or degree

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inequality or difference in some respect

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This legislation also improves maternity care and outcomes by supporting research on the causes of disparities in maternal morbidity and mortality and on how maternity care services can reduce these disparities.
To understand how disparities in children's mental health care use have changed since the Surgeon General's report, we use the Andersen behavioral model of health care utilization as a conceptual framework (Andersen 1995), recognizing the importance of predisposing factors (e.
In "Part I: Underlying Causes of Healthcare Disparities," chapter authors give an overview of the epidemiological data and demographics of race and ethnic health disparities in the United States.
The data from this study cannot determine why within-group health disparities have increased over the past quarter-century.
The chapter in the report, Reducing health disparities for Maori, outlines DHBs' obligations, under the Public Health and Disability Act 2000, to improve health outcomes for Maori and to have processes enabling Maori to contribute to strategies for improving Maori health.
Racial and ethnic health care disparities turn up not just in one kind of disease or condition, but across the health care specman, and in preventive, primary, acute and post-acute care.
The nation also continues to struggle with health care disparities.
The country also continues to struggle with health care disparities.
An analysis of a survey experiment embedded in a public opinion poll revealed some important distinctions in people's perception of the disparities in health between different groups of Americans.
Editor Cohen (rapporteur, Roundtable on Health Disparities, Institute of Medicine of the National Academies) has collected diverse perspectives and technical expertise on racial and ethnic disparities in health care in the United States.
The Sixth Annual Maryland Minority Health Disparities Conference, sponsored by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, was held at Morgan State University on May 19.
However, the research did find other disparities including neighborhood poverty.
Fueled, in part, by the Institute of Medicine's (IOM) 2003 report, Unequal Treatment: Confronting Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Healthcare, in part by the corresponding upswing in available research funds, and, in part, by the ongoing national discourse on America's failing health-care system, numerous articles and books focusing on health disparities have hit the street over the past five years.
Cohen raises much for discussion with respect to addressing the racial and ethnic disparities within not only reproductive health, but other health disparities as well.