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utter dissimilarity

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In addition to appropriating and rearticulating the theme of irreconcilable disparateness of community in the Jew of Malta, Marlowe uses the dramatic resources of the entry plays I have discussed in two more significant ways.
This is not helped by the rather haphazard arrangement of images in the catalogue, edited by the show's curator, Jan Marsh, who admits that its disparateness is both a strength and weakness.
It is only through the long and confused twilight of philosophic initiation that one can find one's way into interiority and achieve through self-appropriation a basis, a foundation, that is distinct from common sense and theory, that acknowledges their disparateness, that accounts for both and critically grounds them both.
The switch to the open-ended spaces of hypertext, which are multidimensional, non-sequential, lateral and inexhaustible, suddenly provided a model that, theoretically, might cope with the linguistic disparateness, the incommensurability of forms, the blinding diversity of topics and the supplement of data perceived to be in the field under study.
Williams further notes that the disparateness, and limited nature, of the resources his team cites presents its own scholarly dangers.