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Synonyms for disparate

Synonyms for disparate

not like another in nature, quality, amount, or form

Words related to disparate

fundamentally different or distinct in quality or kind

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including markedly dissimilar elements

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98) Viewed from this perspective, counsel might have argued that the Supreme Court's approach to pseudonymity orders, although framed as a privacy issue, was more fundamentally connected to ensuring girls' and young women's rights to sex equality, because these kinds of sexualized attacks and their subsequent repetition are disparately likely to negatively affect females.
Since most educated Muslims and the masses who follow or are influenced by them consciously or unconsciously learn and apply alien, secular, Western Economics 101 or Business Administration 101--with all its inane preoccupation with competition and narrow profit-maximization--rather than the adab and fiqh of mu'amala in their commercial dealings, they are actually working disparately, or even against one another, rather than "working together," which is what the term mu'amala literally means.
innovators who must work with others who are disparately located), are yet to be fully modelled.
This publication demonstrates the opportunity to leverage towards improving nutrition and health of many vulnerable people around the globe, in particular by providing them with essential micronutrients and other useful compounds that are disparately needed for a healthy life.
Both chromaticity and illuminance varied evenly across all SPDs rather than disparately, resulting in consistently matched stimuli despite minor changes in measured values.
Policymakers tend to impose mandatory cost reductions--often, across-the-board percentage reductions--without taking any steps to analyze the actual impact of these cuts on children in the classroom or assess whether their broad-based cuts will disparately impact low-income or minority students.
It is probably the case that both public health and anti-newcomer sentiment motivated the New York legislature, just as it is probably the case that the law both advanced public health and disparately impacted newcomers.
Considers and applies a range of sources and successfully integrates even disparately different perspectives, disciplines, or approaches.
The strategy paper openly admits that the occupation-specific dispensation (OSD), introduced disparately across provinces two years ago to improve career-pathing and address salary anomalies, 'had negative consequences', burying the opportunity to identify inhospitable working locations and remunerate scarce skills.
According to Fairbrother et al, (7) the Prince of Wales Hospital (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia) has implemented team nursing to "bring together disparately practicing individual nurses, with the goal of placing a net beneath the struggling novices.
Modifications in the model that would incorporate improvements identifying and confronting structural barriers to services access and utilization are regarded as important for meeting the growing complex needs of people and communities disparately affected by HIV and AIDS (Bradford et al.
Indeed, it is not at all unlikely that they would be represented by Senators from Denton, Parker and Johnson counties, disparately spread in both geography and interests.
Taking a similar tack, two persons were disparately wounded when security