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Synonyms for disparate

Synonyms for disparate

not like another in nature, quality, amount, or form

Words related to disparate

fundamentally different or distinct in quality or kind

Related Words

including markedly dissimilar elements

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In localities without clean water, collection occurs from muddy, often contaminated, sources, disparately increasing health risks for women.
96) Importantly, the Court did not deem the motivation underlying the disparately harmful state actions to be relevant in either the criminal justice or the poll tax context.
Because some of the best predictors of student performance and future income are familial factors, such factors will disparately affect traditionally underserved communities.
Ohio offers a generous early-voting period, but as appellate Judge Jane Branstetter Stranch noted in her dissent, the cut will disparately impact black voters and is "linked to social and historical conditions of discrimination that diminish the ability of African Americans to participate in the political process.
These novels can be found, although disparately, in some of the capitals' bookshops but few people seem to specifically be aware of the collection and the difficulty in getting hold of the books in other cities does not help circulating these texts.
In summary, two lieutenants just off their tours as Division Officers came up with the idea to develop a mobile app that would provide ready access to the large volume of commonly used, but disparately located, information in one place--on their phones and tablets.
And then you think about all of these paid earned and owned channels as channels for delivery of message and engagement of clients, and it makes a lot more sense to have those things integrated from the start, including the analytics, and doing the research on the front end to inform your hypothesis that it doesn't have these things living disparately.
Disparately, the 2013-14 extraction quota was set at 820,000 pounds: 500,000 pounds for export and only 320.
Leaver himself takes the reader beyond the common knowledge of Puritan psalm singing in early New England by summarily exploring the generally earlier and more disparately complex and multicultural sacred music in non-English languages that flourished in the rest of colonial North and Central America in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, including the Catholic music of New Spain (with its widespread adoption by the indigenous population) and New France (particularly in Quebec), the psalms of the pioneer French Huguenots who settled in 1564-65 along the St.
Simplified Data Access--As companies grow--organically and through mergers and acquisitions--operations can become siloed because the data systems are disparately located and lack common structure and format.
128) However, the plaintiffs "failed to present any evidence arguably showing that the educational interests of their children [were] disparately affected by the local contribution to operating costs required of the Borough.
Furthermore, numerous standards for specific industries were argued to be missing regarding optimizing the way in which cloud services are disparately purchased, supported, and governed.
The EEOC not only reiterated that gender stereotyping of LGBT individuals remains actionable sex discrimination, but also opined that sexual orientation discrimination is sex discrimination based on the theory of associational discrimination if an LGBT employee is purportedly being treated disparately due to his or her association with a person of the same sex.
Launched in 2007, Forfusion specialises in telephone and internet connection infrastructure for large corporates with disparately placed offices.
The center warns that such practices can adversely affect students of color or those with disabilities, who are disparately affected by suspensions and expulsions.