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in a disparaging manner


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Mr Davies disparagingly refers to 'climate alarmists' (presumably including myself ) who might choose a 'hot week' as evidence of global warming, when contradictorily he is the one to select an arbitrarily short period to justify his own preconceptions.
We have reason to believe the CS your article was disparagingly referring to is Matiang'i,' the demand letter to the Standard's editorial director read.
In fact it is the Western media that disparagingly calls the Afghan president the mayor of Kabul.
For as long as some children come from homes where migrants and asylum seekers are spoken of disparagingly it is obviously important that schools attempt to provide a factual and more sympathetic picture of what is happening and why people are on the move.
But chatting to locals in what's disparagingly called "Maddieville" it's clear Luz has been changed.
Bea, disparagingly called "Math Girl" by the popular crowd because she is a brilliant math student, tries to solve everything with math formulas.
Yes, the old hoarder stood to benefit from the cleaner's hard work, but she still fought him every step of the way, because she felt that he disparagingly dismissed her as a filthy old, crone who had lost her grip on her life, and was in mortal danger of being permanently eliminated by her basic lack of self-control.
In a statement to SANA, an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that Syria watched disparagingly the statement issued by the European Union foreign ministers, and that Syria believes that misguiding public opinion and twisting fact isn't becoming of some EU states which expressed more than once and on several occasions the ineffectiveness of the course followed by the EU regarding Syria.
The priest and therapist has written disparagingly of gays and argues that gay men cannot be ordained as priests.
n Maybe I've watched too much of Bear Grylls and The Island but Ray Mears, the man who described Bear disparagingly as a boy scout, was back on the box with Wild Australia (Monday, ITV) which was a contradiction in terms.
As one of the bleeding hearts John so disparagingly describes, may I offer this comment.
It would be difficult to take two steps into any dressing room without hearing a dancer speaking disparagingly about her body.
Finally, the 'out' camp refer disparagingly to the EU's unelected judges.
But a number of critics likened the song to Michael Jackson's "Earth Song" and commented disparagingly on Smith's claim that it only took 20 minutes to write.
One man turned to his neighbour and said, rather disparagingly (in 'standard English'): "It's rather slow going, isn't it?