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The suit also alleges that Osteotech has attempted to stifle GenSci's entry into the rapidly expanding osteogenic products market by (a) initiating baseless patent infringement litigation against GenSci products, (b) signing illegal exclusive deals for tissue with tissue banks like the American Red Cross in an attempt to deny GenSci access to demineralized bone necessary for its products, (c) making false and disparaging statements to the public and to the medical profession about GenSci products, and (d) threatening litigation against independent representatives of GenSci products and against tissue banks supplying demineralized bone to GenSci, all in an attempt to drive GenSci from the bone implant market.
While the eight former jurors said they had reached the verdict based solely on courtroom evidence, three reported hearing disparaging comments about Samonsky.
This suit, which was ultimately settled, contained a "non disparagement" clause prohibiting any disparaging comments or statements being made by either party about the other.
the mayor) mentality that ended up disparaging some of the most civic-minded business and community leaders in Los Angeles.
In doing so, (they) have made a number of false, misleading and disparaging statements about BFMA and its principals.
The woman taped the conversation, during which Murray made disparaging remarks about Strickland, and then played the tape for Strickland.
Management is also of the opinion that the commencement of this action, and the issuance of the related press release by IAS, was rendered solely for the purpose of maliciously disparaging the reputation of Integral, its products, its current stature in the wireless marketplace, and to intentionally negatively impact shareholder value.
In the claim filed Wednesday with the Los Angeles city clerk, Cato says that Riordan called him a racist and made ``other disparaging remarks'' about him.
SATX:OTC BB) announced today that the company has filed a federal lawsuit against "unnamed" individuals posting disparaging comments about the company on the message board Raging Bull.
By falsely touting the sonicare toothbrush and disparaging Braun Oral-B Plaque Removers, Optiva's claims violated federal and state truth-in-advertising laws, the lawsuit alleges.
A few of these were even offered as giveaways--I left with copies of Walead Beshty's elliptical AR CHITECTURE IS NOT SCULPTURE (Paul Rudolph, Oriental Gardens, 1970-1981, doubled, inverted, cinemascopic), 2005; Michael Smith's hilariously disparaging Class Evaluation, 2001; and a 1990/2005 Xerox by Jonathan Monk bearing the single word CANCELLED that could be used to announce (or prankishly encourage) the abandonment of any given event through its application to an existing announcement.
Eclipse Aesthetics is now awaiting a court date for a jury hearing that will take place to determine the amount of damages based on RegenLab USA's disparaging promotions.
Patent and Trademark Office has canceled the Redskins' trademark registration on the grounds that it is disparaging to American Indians.
Civil society organisations in Zambia expressed outrage at disparaging comments by the Indian owner of the country s largest copper mining company against the government for selling the mine in desperation.
LOS ANGELES -- ''Duck Dynasty'' patriarch Phil Robertson -- suspended from the series indefinitely after making disparaging remarks about gays -- is getting some support from key followers.