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Do me the favour,' said Eugene, getting out of his chair with much gravity, 'to come and inspect that feature of our establishment which you rashly disparage.
Although many MDs believe that chiropractic is useful for low back pain, the medical community disparages claims that chiropractic can heal a variety of other ailments.
While we welcome vigorous competition in the golf ball market, we will not tolerate activity which trespasses on our rights, falsely disparages our products and falsely promotes competing products," continued Uihlein.
in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among customers, or in any manner that disparages or discredits PalmSource, Inc.
Coors' suit states that A-B's recent Natural Light campaign disparages its products through false and misleading advertising claims.
Steinkuller says that while automakers themselves haven't necessarily lobbied for specific legislation harmful to ARA members, some do make statements in their literature that "casts doubt and disparages the recycled automotive part.
She disparages the education she received, but it clearly honed her writing skills and gave her knowledge that has proved enriching and useful to her.
John Dixon Hunt, the noted garden historian, disparages landscape architects for pragmatically lacking a theoretical basis for design.
In Oregon, voters face a proposal that would allow public schools to teach material that disparages people on the basis of their sexual orientation.
May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite the public debate in recent years concerning the use of Native American monikers as athletic team nicknames, a national survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans do not believe the use of the name "Redskins" for teams such as the NFL's Washington franchise nickname negatively disparages Native Americans.