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They, can do it," Wilhelm said, but the alleged disparager must back it up with scientific facts or face paying compensatory damages if sued.
Yet their disparagers have not a word of compassion and sympathy for them.
He knew that the victory itself carried a much louder 'up yours' message to his disparagers than any supplementary words or gestures could ever do.
The Cynics were misanthropists; that is, haters or disparagers of society who saw community or society as a distraction and as something that hinders individuals from leading a life of primitive innocence, which in their thinking is the truly happy life.
If the streets were to become filled with rotting corpses then no doubt hilarious disparagers like Mick Davies (Voice of the North, May 8) should they survive, would be, no doubt, the first to condemn the authorities for languid inaction and blundering incompetence.