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The key takeaway point for practitioners is that in order to justify injunctive relief, the plaintiff must establish repeated defamatory and disparaging communications by the defendant, which creates a real threat of future disparagements.
Consider whether to bring a cause of action for commercial disparagement on behalf of the corporation as opposed to (or in addition to) common law defamation.
The most recent case to address this issue held that the DTPA "codifies the common-law tort of commercial disparagement.
Disparagements of farmers, of small towns, of anything identifiable as "provincial" can be found everywhere: in comic strips, TV shows, newspaper editorials, literary magazines, and so on.
These could be safely overlooked, except that these disparagements (one of which appears on the last page) might suggest to the discerning reader that would-be defenders of liberalism have a blind spot for statism, which paves the way for the projects of radical antiliberals.