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Claiming that the dialogues have already been removed from the DVD and TV versions of the film, advocate for Dharma Productions maintained that no apology is required since there was no intention to disparage the drink.
The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
Politicians shaping public opinion will frame every war as just, and disparage anyone who disagrees.
Speaking as he took up the post, Mr Boggis, head of Forest School in Snaresbrook, east London, said, 'I will be asking the Government to take pride in and celebrate - rather than disparage - our sector and to enter real partnership schemes which match the rhetoric with cash.
But some men are increasingly speaking out against the "man as a dope" imagery, especially when the ads disparage the rotes that fathers play in their children's lives.
I am never one to disparage the importance of theory, nor am I inclined to give anyone a free pass, not even Moore (despite the fact that he has lately made all of the right enemies in a spectacular and high-profile way, which is one sign that he must be doing something right).
AS YOU MAY KNOW, we frequently denounce, deride, and disparage the comics that come in due to their shocking lack of quality.
This is not to disparage the movement toward options and flexibility.
Dini, a Roman Catholic, told The New York Times that his policy isn't meant to disparage anyone's religious beliefs.
Unlike previous decades, public schools no longer disparage ethnic heritages and they teach "Americanization" more subtly.
Where other self-declared "secular humanists" might simply disparage a religious musical idiom, Bagge charts how Christian performers filched popular forms back in the 1920s, lost control of the process, and eventually ended up influencing secular rock and pop.
I do not disparage either taxpayers or the paying of taxes, and I would be on the outs with St.
As an alternative, Boys speaks of the task of developing a "strong religious commitment and Catholic identity without having to disparage either other Christian groups or .
Maybe you can disparage a McDonald's Big Mac," he adds.
According to Gillette's filing, Norelco's ads depicting shaving with razors as a painful event is done with "offensive, exaggerated, and distorted statements and visual images clearly intended to disparage Norelco's wet shaving competition," rather than just promote the features of Norelco's new Reflex Action Razor.