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Synonyms for disownment

refusal to acknowledge as one's own

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In my mind, disownments are really just the proud rants of impulse-driven parents sitting on their pedestals of misguided propriety to socially justify the step they are about to take.
They receive threats of disownment from their parents.
Like any parent of a wild child, Dad struggles to find the ground between tolerance and disownment.
At the point that that scene elides into the shot of Jack's pickup in Signal the following year, the soundtrack of Surf Party links it with Aguirre's disownment of his homosexual hands: "Parking this trailer on the beach is illegal.
Coetzee (1988:5) further points out that the South African pastoral had to deny the colonial history of dispossession and disownment by omitting the truth about black labour, because acknowledging the black serf's toil would threaten the position of the white man as Africa's new heir and would imply that the black "other' is entitled to stake a claim to the land.
It ended with his disownment and, in 1871, his sudden death from smallpox.
Caste continues to determine marriage patterns in rural and regional (and some) city areas, as inter-caste marriage is expensive for a man marrying a woman from a higher caste, and is detrimental for a woman's status because the act results in her disownment (dibuang) by her family for marrying into a lower caste.
This horrible and painful struggle with religion/spirituality and sexuality is responsible for depression, low self-esteem, drug addiction, self-abuse, disownment by family, isolation, the entering into of false heterosexual marriages by LGBT persons, and worst of all, it's responsible for thousands of suicides each year in the LGBT Community, especially amongst our teens and young adults -- and it is my hope to put a stop to these negative traits and suicides by re-educating our community .