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Synonyms for disowning

refusal to acknowledge as one's own

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An application by Mutua's lawyers to produce a video recording of Lagat disowning the affidavits and to line up three witnesses to testify on the matter was declined by court.
The blame that people now put on SPLM for disowning its members running as independent would be unfair if some members of SPLM decided to run as independent despite the fact that no irregularities have taken place in their constituencies or states.
Instead of disowning her, the rest of the family should be supporting and looking after her.
Delving deeply into the lives and struggles of widows in a culture which has societal predilection towards rejecting, disowning, or ostracizing or otherwise discriminating against these women, Forbidden Red informs its readers of the painstaking process of living beyond the death of a husband as illustrated through interviews from women of varying castes, religions, ages, and residential choices.
FOE ALAN KEYES, conservative moral watchdog and former presidential candidate, for effectively disowning and refusing to pay college tuition for his daughter Maya when she came out.
Haggard didn't actually ``Okie'' all the way through, disowning the flag-waving, Silent Majority anthem by asking, ``Did I write that?
Jethro tries to sort out the conflict in his own mind as two older brothers leave to fight in the Union Army and one goes to fight for the Confederacy, leaving the family open to violent attack for not publicly disowning the act of their son and brother in going to fight for the South.
When Wong is arrested by the British and could avoid deportation by disowning the White Crane coolie Brotherhood, he refuses to do so in a very powerful speech, even though, as a scholar, he disagrees with nearly everything the Brotherhood believes in.
Zedillo later came up with a "Presidential Initiative" on Chiapas, effectively disowning the San Andres program.
Moreover, what if, contrary to the established Canadian tradition of disowning anyone who dares to seek and find success elsewhere, we were to expand and ventilate our notion of what's Canadian to include what Canadians are doing on the globe pop-culture stage?