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Synonyms for disown

Synonyms for disown

to refuse to recognize or acknowledge

Synonyms for disown

prevent deliberately (as by making a will) from inheriting


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Addison, a real gentleman, disowned the defense, and this, with other slights suffered or imagined by Pope's jealous disposition, led to estrangement and soon to the composition of Pope's very clever and telling satire on Addison as 'Atticus,' which Pope did not publish, however, until he included it in his 'Epistle to Dr.
I've given him up for my part - fairly disowned him - cast him off, root and branch.
Very grave and good women exclaimed against men who begot children, and then disowned them.
He looked piteously at my lord, who never spoke to him during dinner, and at the ladies, who disowned him.
He would rather lose even his picture than have the whole thing get into the papers; he has disowned his son, but he will not disgrace him; yet his picture he must have by hook or crook, and there's the rub
Forlorn and disowned, sorely tried and sadly changed--her beauty faded, her mind clouded--robbed of her station in the world, of her place among living creatures--the devotion I had promised, the devotion of my whole heart and soul and strength, might be laid blamelessly now at those dear feet.
Therefore, my band of brothers in a sacred bond, to which your children and your children's children yet unborn have set their infant hands and seals, I propose to you on the part of the United Aggregate Tribunal, ever watchful for your welfare, ever zealous for your benefit, that this meeting does Resolve: That Stephen Blackpool, weaver, referred to in this placard, having been already solemnly disowned by the community of Coketown Hands, the same are free from the shame of his misdeeds, and cannot as a class be reproached with his dishonest actions
As to the assertion that the flat stone near the door was not the grave of the miser who had disowned his only child and left a sum of money to the church to buy a peal of bells, the bachelor did readily admit the same, and that the place had given birth to no such man.
Going alone doesn't yield the results either was looking for though, and when they're disowned by their bosses, they work together as brothers-inarms to bring the cartel down and clear their own names.
September 27, 2014 (JUBA) -- A former South Sudanese rebel commander has dismissed reports that he had defected from the government and subsequently disowned from the community, allegedly forcing him to seek asylum at the Sudanese embassy in Kenya.
Islamabad -- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) leader disowned storming in state television building by their protesting workers.
We, as a family, have disowned her," Ahmed said, "I hope she rots in hell.
The KPK bar council secretary was issued a notification after executive committee meeting in which the parallel cabinet with Nowshad Khan Advocate as its president was disowned and the cabinet with Bakht Zada Advocate was owned.
Only a few weeks ago, Haifa disowned her half sister Rola for attacking her in press interviews.
Fueled with fear that they may be rejected, looked at differently, or even disowned, LGBT members often times wait years to finally come clean.