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causing loss of physical or intellectual bearings

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The final phrase of "Gaudy gawks" toggles disorientingly between several meanings.
Through this experience, I have learned that nonacademic sociologists actually pursue a wide, indeed an almost disorientingly diverse, range of activities.
Here she builds on the transnational heroines and plots of novelists like Frances Burney, Lady Morgan, and Germaine de Stael, works recently described by Deidre Lynch as presenting "now unimaginable communities that drew differently and disorientingly on the cultural flows of Europe.
Word division, for example, does not follow the standard rules for Latin syllabification, and the score places the voices disorientingly above the instrumental parts--two quirks that seem to stem from the old Malipiero edition in the Monteverdi Tulle le opere (vol.
This is often good fun, as well as a reassuring source of surprise recognition in a film disorientingly overwrought with design elements and fast cuts.
they boil down to the weather's being disorientingly good, and if you've got to be here, may as well live close to the beach, which he does - are about as softball as an Easterner's can possibly get.
This was not a problem in Elevator Maze (all works 2011), a bank of six lovingly re-created elevators whose stainless steel, dark wood, and mirrors would have been at home in any Midtown high-rise, not -withstanding the disorientingly absent back mirrors that subtly but crucially destabilized the familiarity of the space.
Evolution, from Ubi Soft, throws you disorientingly into a fight in the game's first seconds, then explains itself.
At the other end of the gallery, Matteawan/Fishkill Creek, 2004-2008, was set in a disorientingly dark space, where viewers were immersed in an auditory swamp.