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causing loss of physical or intellectual bearings

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Most disorientingly, Hawaii--where he was brought up by his white grandparents--lacked even those lingering remnants of racism, the exposure and expunging of which was, by the 1970s, the main preoccupation of the burgeoning establishment that had grown out of the civil rights movement.
Yet it is hard to swallow Young's conclusion on this disorientingly ambivalent novel: "By moving toward the fellatio economy, Ursa transcends the exchange system and the patriarchal Symbolic Order which legitimates it, and she does so with the very act that is thought to signify the Law of the Father: fellatio.
Although Amurath's actions are stereotypically Turkish in their ultimate effects, his process of moral reasoning (and those of the other Turks) disorientingly yokes his Turk-like actions to Western ideologies such as Petrarchanism and Stoicism.
4) By contrast, panoramic shots and exquisitely candlelit, rather than disorientingly dark, nightscapes predominate in The Claim.
The final phrase of "Gaudy gawks" toggles disorientingly between several meanings.
Furthermore, if we accept Dominick LaCapra's formulation of trauma as bringing "about a dissociation of affect and representation: one disorientingly feels what one cannot represent; one numbingly represents what one cannot feel" (42), Galapago's inability to successfully narrate his past throughout the majority of the film and bring those experiences into language emphasizes his repeated depiction as psychologically traumatized, as scarred.
Through this experience, I have learned that nonacademic sociologists actually pursue a wide, indeed an almost disorientingly diverse, range of activities.
Word division, for example, does not follow the standard rules for Latin syllabification, and the score places the voices disorientingly above the instrumental parts--two quirks that seem to stem from the old Malipiero edition in the Monteverdi Tulle le opere (vol.
The Etosha Pan, taut as a drum, is a huge, ephemeral lake sometimes glazed with water and pinked with flamingo but usually dust-kickingly dry and disorientingly flat.
This is often good fun, as well as a reassuring source of surprise recognition in a film disorientingly overwrought with design elements and fast cuts.
Everything has been thrown slightly but disorientingly off center.
Wheeler's piece, described as a "rotational horizon work," was inspired by the artist's experience as a longtime amateur aviator and consists of a convex circular platform set within a chamber of disorientingly indeterminate scale and ringed by hidden batteries of LED lights whose intensity oscillates, subtly across an interval of two minutes.
Later, that same mirror disorientingly reflects the motorcycle gang encircling a courtyard, then shattering the mirror before roaring off.
Here she builds on the transnational heroines and plots of novelists like Frances Burney, Lady Morgan, and Germaine de Stael, works recently described by Deidre Lynch as presenting "now unimaginable communities that drew differently and disorientingly on the cultural flows of Europe.
they boil down to the weather's being disorientingly good, and if you've got to be here, may as well live close to the beach, which he does - are about as softball as an Easterner's can possibly get.