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causing loss of physical or intellectual bearings

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These experiences will generally be those that "avoid camera movement, player motion, or disorienting content and effects.
The new interface of Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system may be disorienting at first for those who have spent years automatically heading toward the Start menu.
Even transitioning back to the visual horizon after looking straight overhead can be disorienting at night, and this could be dangerous even for experienced pilots.
This novel's original format draws the reader into an experience that is sometimes confusing and disorienting, just as the real experience was.
In a world that is becoming increasingly homogenized by the growth of the global economy, architecture offers one of the few opportunities of fostering identity, of giving people and communities a sense of rootedness in an ever-more confusing and disorienting culture.
But we must recognize that the difference in the volume of people, activities, and deliveries can be disorienting.
Visitors sometimes are slipped the disorienting drug scopolamine in drinks, cigarettes, gum and even on powder-laced paper.
While this may seem prosaically true in the light of Berlin's rebirths after 1945 and 1989, it was a disorienting truth at the end of the nineteenth century, when the city was in the throes of its greatest period of growth.
So our new SUI is designed to easily integrate into the TV experience and provide an intuitive, use-based flow that avoids distracting or disorienting viewers and supports the transition from linear programming to on-demand viewing.
Raimundas Malasauskas, and Alexis Vaillant, chose a subjectivity-driven method and pulled off an interesting and complex show, somewhat mystifyingly entitled "BMW, The IX Baltic Triennial of International Art," whose intentionally disorienting mix of works was underscored by the hanging sheets of black plastic that evoked a "shadow" wall structure for the Vilnius CAC (developed in collaboration with the architect/artist Valdas Ozarinskas) and by Arturas Raila's project of marking out the "energy waves" of the location on which the CAC is built.
The answer is that, for all the reservations some might feel, for most audiences, an evening in Pina Bausch's world draws one into a gripping, disorienting, often thrilling experience.
Fans of slick, disorienting torment, however, may have a more positive experience.
In some respect, the author's unblemished eyes create a point of view that is both somewhat disturbing and slightly disorienting.
Then there's the lush electroballad "Bambi" and the disorienting and beautiful "Blue Mug.
Apart from the anticipated sensation of stepping into a void, there have been other unexpected feelings produced by engaging with a transparent pathway: the delight in the early morning of seeing the prisms of light cast around by sunlight through glass, or the disorienting Never Never Land experience of having your shadow snipped off and silhouetted on the pavement metres below.