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Synonyms for disorientate



Synonyms for disorientate

cause to be lost or disoriented

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A hellish, disorientating, scratchy and, some would even say irritating, sound certainly gets the street rapper - nay poet's - message across.
Dominating proceedings on his part of the site was a huge 280m long video wall in the Corderie (former rope workshop) which set the scene for musings on urban dislocation and anomie, with scrambled and disorientating footage of the world's megacitics from Calcutta to Las Vegas, interspersed with the thoughts of superstar architects.
Disorientating and slightly surreal offering from the new Twilight saga film, New Moon.
EXCESSIVELY loud music, or any other ear-splitting din, in a confined driving cabin can be disorientating and downright dangerous.
Even in Paris, renowned for the relative efficiency of its public transport system, Metro and RER stations can be bleak and disorientating.
It is a disorientating experience, and he will need all his resources to cope.
Despite its undeniable panache and presence, the overall effect of Gehry's anthropomorphic collage is slightly disorientating.
GAPP Architects also designed an inviting new public library for a Johannesburg suburb (p50) that attempts to make sense of a fractured and disorientating public realm.
In a world becoming increasingly disorientating, the role of architects in creating places with which we can identify is vital.
Fiszer is no stranger to working in the disorientating context of the Paris region New Towns which, despite their illusory planning logic on paper, are all too frequently in the harsh reality of their built forms inchoate not to say chaotic no-man's-lands.