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Last week charity worker Paul Beck, 33, from south London, was airlifted from the mountains, dehydrated and disorientated, after surviving for six days stranded on a snowy ledge.
Doyler got a bit of concussion and was a little bit disorientated to be fair," revealed manager Chris Coleman.
She said: "The horse, thought to be around two years old, was unstable on his feet and extremely disorientated.
A teammember of Aberglaslyn said the family were well-equipped but had become disorientated and their position had become "precarious" on a rocky scree.
A Miami police spokeswoman said: "They were a little disorientated but they're fine.
Mr Beck became dehydrated and disorientated as the days passed.
Mr Nightingale suffered a brain haemorrhage two years ago and can become forgetful and disorientated, say police.
My fear was that he may have been a little disorientated and didn't actually live in Lancaster, but in Paisley, so I am worried that I did the wrong thing by taking him into Glasgow.
Wasps use landmarks and features on buildings to locate their nests and in a housing estate with similar looking houses some wasps can get disorientated and they will enter the wrong property looking for the nest.
An inguest jury returned verdicts of accidental death after hearing that the pilot might have become disorientated.
A CONTROVERSIAL Rugby artist has warned that his latest exhibition could leave visitors disorientated.
The 28-year-old dialled 999 after becoming disorientated in heavy wind and rain at Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, at 4am on Saturday.
30am after becoming disorientated at The Fangs, off South Stack, Anglesey.
After they left, they began feeling dizzy and disorientated and had to be taken to hospital, a South Wales Police spokesman said.
Sgt Julie Connor, of Greater Manchester Police, said: "The man in the footage appears confused and disorientated and we are concerned that Richard may have suffered some sort of breakdown and does not know where he lives.