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Synonyms for disorientate



Synonyms for disorientate

cause to be lost or disoriented

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Pete said: "When you are using intense light colours it can disorientate people, so there will be a qualified first-aid person there but we are not expecting anyone to be adversely affected.
It turned out that the burglars had activated the store's 'smoke cloak' security device, designed to disorientate any intruders.
The "Smoke Cloak'' system is designed to disorientate thieves by pumping in harmless fumes and sounding a loud alarm.
Direct Line spokesman Dominic Burch said: "Locking the doors while the car is stationary can help prevent unwanted intruders and it might be wise to carry a shriek alarm in the car which can be used to disorientate any aggressor and help raise the alarm.
It has no harmful effect on dogs, but once activated it disorientates the animal, giving postmen time to make a quick exit.