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Synonyms for disorganised

lacking order or methodical arrangement or function


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I am the most disorganised person, I am ashamed to say, in the world.
A further chapter (with Young) explores the assessment of disorganised attachment and maltreatment (ADAM) in the context of the investigation of child protection concerns.
And they warned there was scientific evidence that "patchy, disorganised or short-term" culling could make things worse.
Are we really expected to believe that Mr Byrne and his department are so disorganised that he is having to make obviously key decisions on a mobile phone in his car?
If you don't have enough time to put the books back on the shelf, it just becomes disorganised.
If the airport is this disorganised in February what will it be like in the summer?
Children at the pre-structural stage showed inconsistent development presenting disorganised representations and incoherent mathematical ideas.
Look at the flip side and you'll see an ageing and disorganised Germany going further than England during the last World Cup, a Romanian side who beat us in the group stages and a Portuguese outfit who will parade Luis Figo, Rui Costa and Fernando Couto at the head of a glittering squad.
I'm disorganised, completely and utterly disorganised.
The Groningen University researchers found that people who worked at disorganised desks, or shopped in a store they perceived as disorganised, became clearer thinking.
Adopted children showed more disorganised attachments compared to their non-adopted peers, but again were comparable to foster children.
For example having too many icons may suggest a person is disorganised and possibly insecure.
Our passing was awful, we were disorganised and we simply did not compete at all.
My boss is great fun but she's the most disorganised woman on the planet.
Winson Green was running a disorganised medical system at the time due to a lack of resources.