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intentionally unaccommodating

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The lighting was poor; the walls were too low, being of travertine their color was disobliging, and the lines of the joins were distracting.
He then explained that she had been block-lettering brief, rather disobliging, comments, phrases like, 'COMME C'EST FATIGUANT -- CE PAPERASSERIE LEGALE ME DEPRIME
Mr Marr said: "It's a slightly disobliging piece but the worrying thing is that the picture is rather unpleasant and also entirely accurate".
In tackling a critic head-on, Ms Clugston was following the advice I have given to PR clients over many years, when journalists write disobliging things about them.
What would Coulthard know about quagmire car parks, interminable queues, overpriced tickets, inedible food and disobliging marshals?
In Spencer's folkloric vision of village life, the visitors to the exhibition saw something of themselves--or, more precisely, something out of an imagined common past--they obviously preferred to the more prosaic and disobliging contemporary world they were condemned to settle for in real life.
If there is any legal obligation to make a reasonable effort to retrieve their records and honour earlier terms, then they would legally have to stand by the tens of thousands of deals that get quashed by faulty systems and disobliging call centres.
Like the disobliging Adorno he so admires, Said appreciates incongruity and paradox, qualities that resist totalizing descriptions.
He tells the Radio Times how he blurted out disobliging comments about how Marion was "never going to be a looker" and had to compensate in other ways.
Clearly writing disobliging things about other people is not a nice or kind thing to do, whether one does it on the internet or by painting abusive graffiti on their walls.
I am suspected of using language to screen a deep and disobliging meaning, or to perpetrate a fraud.
I said some disobliging things about Michael Shea and I pointed her in other directions.
Penning his memoirs almost half a century later, Teller recalls plenty of disobliging stories about his old colleague and friend, suggesting that the rancor has not died away.
Yet in this post-Marxist era, when Marxist ideology has been stripped of so much of its power to tyrannize entire societies, the will to believe in its virtues and salvage something precious from the ruins persists as a form of conspicuous intellectual consumption among academic minds safely removed from the disobliging consequences of Marxist reality.
The FCC has encouraged growth by disobliging Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs), like Qwest and IDT, from paying charges similar to those the telcos pay.