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So he began to talk smartly to them; told them that I was a very considerable owner of the ship, and that if ever they came to England again it would cost them very dear; that the ship was mine, and that he could not put me out of it; and that he would rather lose the ship, and the voyage too, than disoblige me so much: so they might do as they pleased.
Price married to disoblige her family" (3), and the presence of long separation and bitterness between the sisters is hardly veiled by the narrator.
The reader, acutely aware of the perceptual pressure of Nabokov's intellectual dominance, tries to escape the unsurprising, stereotypical responses expected of the implied reader--an aesthetic construct fashioned by Nabokov to disoblige the "real" reader.
Marvell calls this Act "the Price of Money," adding, "The King told some eminent citizens, who applied to him against it, they must address themselves to the Houses; that he must not disoblige his friends; and if it had been in the power of the Lords, he had gone without money.
Toward the end of the tract, a distinctly Swiftian voice undercuts the projector's foolish optimism that the trade in the perishable flesh of human babies would not disoblige England because it cannot be exported: "Although, perhaps I could name a Country, which would be glad to eat up our whole Nation without it" (12:117).