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Synonyms for disobedient

Synonyms for disobedient

refusing or failing to obey

Synonyms for disobedient

not obeying or complying with commands of those in authority

unwilling to submit to authority


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Tis impossible,'' cried Prince John, with well-feigned astonishment, ``that so gallant a knight should be an unworthy or disobedient son
You can't imagine how she lectures me: I am disobedient and ungrateful; I am thwarting her wishes, wronging my brother, and making myself a burden on her hands.
Here she stands; speak honestly, girl, did ever I bid you be disobedient to me?
Disobedient Theatre: Alternative Ways to Inspire, Animate and Play
A man, Dauda Mustapha has dragged his wife, Simbiat Mustapha before Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State on the accounts that she's irresponsible, disobedient and wayward.
But she later admitted that she killed the child because she was overwhelmed with work and was frustrated with how disobedient her daughter had become after visiting her grandparents in China.
I was somewhat surprised by this wilful behaviour of these disobedient employees, but can we now be assured that all the other accountants of all the other billionaires will no longer be free to decide such matters concerning their control over other people's money, upon their own personal whim, with the beneficial effect that millions more in tax will go to improve the NHS?
And if your child is disobedient, ask the city fathers to arrange to have the disobedient child stoned to death.
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office made the arrest Saturday after it was alleged that an Indian man called his parents from India to Florida to help him beat his wife for being disobedient.
If you know a teen that's disobedient, disruptive and disrespectful, then you can nominate them for a new show with the provisional title Ballroom Dream.
The mayor said the city government has taken a hard stance against disobedient motorists to restore order and discipline on the streets and respect for the law in the city.
Our traffic enforcers and other PSD personnel are under strict orders to apprehend disobedient motorists and conduct daily on-street operations against illegal parking, illegal terminals and other violations that cause traffic congestion within the city,' Mayor Abby Binay said in a statement.
Look for the signs in your dog before you label him dominant, disobedient or even untrainable.
SARGODHA -- Enquiry against former president All Punjab Clerks Association (APCA) over corruption charges, inefficiency and disobedient behavior with the seniors.
It warns kids of a horned beast who abducts disobedient children and takes their souls.