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showing indifference or disregard

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stopping to associate with

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But asked if that concerned him, he shrugged his shoulders dismissively.
Is it any wonder that, while the Galilean disciples ooh-ed and ah-ed at the grandeur of the Jerusalem temple, Jesus dismissively noted that it would all come down soon enough?
Chirpy with it, too, Ray's answer to any young Toon Army buck who dismissively says he wouldn't like to live to such a decrepit age "you would if you were 81
FREE-DOM: Tony Soprano dismissively scoffed at some of the swag he was offered from a Hollywood luxury lounge during a recent episode of ``The Sopranos.
She said that all other staff were friendly and did their best to help, but the checkout operator made no attempt to acknowledge her and dismissively dropped our shopper's credit card on the checkout top rather than handing it back to her.
Writing about how anxieties were "getting the better of many of us," a reporter for the Orange Country Register dismissively declared, "It's gone far beyond the buying of gas masks and the hoarding of bottled water.
Johnson wrote dismissively of puns: "a quibble was to him the fatal Cleopatra for which he lost the world and was content to lose it.
Been there, done that," Daniel Nagrin might say dismissively, but instead he has written down the lessons learned along the way in three lively books (see below).
Privately, however, Forster said that lesbianism disgusted him, and Woolf called lesbians, dismissively, "these people.
Yet Don Henley has been dismissively called "Henley David Thoreau" by many locals who resent his glitzy entry with his "Hollywood big-bucks people" into their almost sacred Yankee Thoreauvian wilderness.
When asked if PBS gets government funds it could "squander," he said dismissively, "I haven't a clue.
Only 2 percent of patients who felt that they had been listened to, treated fairly, and taken seriously by those who coducted the admissions process considered their hospital entry to have been forced; on the other hand, half of those who described being ignored, deceived, and treated dismissively during admissions felt coerced into treatment.
Schwarzkopf said dismissively, "History will be written long after you and I are gone.
Or as some people like to dismissively call it, "elf 'n' safety", as if it is merely an irritating burden imposed by the nanny state.
Jane Deighton, Mrs Powell's solicitor, said: "It is of real concern to the Powell family that the police should treat the findings of a court so dismissively.