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Synonyms for dismissive

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showing indifference or disregard

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stopping to associate with

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Kevin explained: "On most devices the eye-rolling emoji is dismissive, indicating frustration, irritation or disdain.
Equal dismissive and anxious: Base your type on the answer to Q10 .
But away from Anfield not everyone is as dismissive.
An adult with a dismissive style of attachment maintains a positive view of self, a negative view of others, experiences low anxiety about abandonment, and practices high amounts of intimate avoidance.
Publishers like catchy titles, of course, hoping they tempt readers to pick the book up, read, and buy, but if I wanted to be very technically accurate, I would have called the book something like Psychological and Empirical/Scientific Considerations Concerning the Psychological Syndrome of "Dismissive Materialism, "Its Potentially Harmful Effects on Ordinary People, and Evidence for the Rejection of Dismissive Materialism as a Complete Psychological and Philosophical Stance Toward Life.
Martin Batho, managing director of Hoya Lens UK, said: "Patients who have been dismissive of coatings in the past are likely to have a very different experience with this unrivalled but proven, technology.
I also think it's incredibly dismissive of the people who watch and enjoy the show to treat our audiences as if they're stupid and I don't like that.
JLS JLS (Vertical) w THE UK has been dismissive of boy bands in recent times, with teenage girls' focus shifting to indie pop groups such as Scouting For Girls.
She argues that defiance can take two forms, with dismissive defiance being a result of an individual assertion of freedom against an authority and resistant defiance being a rejection of an authority's particular rules or ways of administering them.
Coun Afzal, you do your constituents a great disservice by your dismissive attitude and complacency - they surely deserve better than this.
The arrogance and dismissive attitude put forth by you is beyond belief, stating that "should Gulf Air decide to become a third world Muslim bus service around the Gulf.
Her exaggerated claims of Aboriginal cannibalism and dismissive attitude towards castes has discredited her in academic circles in the past, however this book acknowledges the significant contribution her ethnographic data has made in Native Title claims.
Sometimes, the West Midlands can be a little dismissive of its own achievements.
Since Keisling presided over the establishment of Oregon's vote-by-mail system (VBM), his umbrage at Rubin's "casually dismissive half-sentence" characterizing VBM as a "terribly insecure system" is understandable, but his defense of VBM is hardly unbiased.
Judge Kozinski's dismissive attitude toward the victims--"They were paid for [their property].