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Synonyms for dismission

official notice that you have been fired from your job

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The great question now to be settled was not whether the scholars were making proficiency in their studies, but whether the teacher or scholars should be master, whether insubordination should be encouraged by the committee, or whether it should meet with a decided and firm resistance, whether the precedence should be established that a teacher, or any of our district schools, should be disciplined whenever a few disaffected boys should demand his dismission, or whether he should be sustained in all his efforts to maintain order, and the scholar, who could not submit to wholesome discipline, should be made to leave the school, in a word, whether the scholar or the committee were to decide where the blame lay and whether the teacher should be dismissed.
Persons moving away from Richmond, without getting letters of dismission, would write back to their friends and request them to obtain letters and forward them.
The institutional crisis caused the dismission of De la Rua and a vertiginous succession of presidents until the transitional period conducted by Eduardo Duhalde between 2002-2003.
Nevertheless, he capitulated and, in complete violation of the Baptist Churches' congregational autonomy, presented the four slaveholders with letters of dismission.
Your dismission Is come from Caesar, therefore hear it, Antony.