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Synonyms for dismission

official notice that you have been fired from your job

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1992) (reproducing a June 16, 1789 extract from THE CONGRESSIONAL REGISTER reporting Representative White as stating in House floor debate: "[i]f then the senate is associated with the president in the appointment, they ought also to be associated in the dismission from office"); infra note 27 (citing Congressman Smith's 1789 personal correspondence, which expresses the view that removals can only be effectuated by impeachment or by subsequent appointments).
Your Memorialists further shew, that the established Usage of Theatres is disregarded by the Proprietors in a Particular of the greatest Importance to the Interest of the Actors; for, whereas, the Situation of Performers might formerly be considered an Establishment for Life, or at least for as long a Term as they should be adequate to the Duties of their Profession, the Practice is now so contrary to the principal [sic], that the arbitrary Will of the Proprietors is sufficient Cause for Dismission.
My conduct may I fear be objectionable in having accepted my dismission from your daughter's lips instead of your own.
77, he wrote that the Chief Executive would at all times be "liable to impeachment, trial, dismission from office, incapacity to serve in any other, and to the forfeiture of life and estate by subsequent prosecution in the common course of law.