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For an expression that is consistent with the moderate critics' view, see Reinert, supra note 8, at 161, stating that "there is no reason to think that courts will be skillful in determining which potentially dismissible case is most likely to be shown to be meritorious.
the employer's expectations and what constitutes dismissible behaviour were not clearly communicated;
Did Ross think operetta dismissible because of its popularity or its status as light music?
Une piece" may not be the most imaginative assortment, but that isn't to say the show is utterly dismissible.
In the old system, art and culture are dismissible as nice, but not necessary; in the emergent system, culture is the crucible for all positive development.
Downes selected them because of their "profound concern for how music might evoke--through both affirmation and negation--a redemptive or transcendent mode that so preoccupied the Romantics but which seemed, to many of their contemporaries, to be indisputably redundant, dismissible, or disreputable" (p.
The female engineer, she writes, even more than the female scientist, was a blatant contradiction in terms: greasy or military or mountaineering, engineers prided themselves on a pragmatic, technically proficient masculinity so foreign to female identity that by the mid-twentieth century, the idea of a woman engineer was laughable and (loudly) dismissible.
This position is dismissible as it champions individualism over collective responsibility in the context of the procreant function.
I think part of what people are pushing back on is that Amy's not a dismissible bad person,'' she said.
Grace loves her hubbie, Rainier (Tim Roth, in one of his most dismissible roles), but her uptight and controlled life in the court is really getting to her.
This admirable transparency is almost certain to make her arguments easily dismissible by those who do not already agree.
Gray said in his review of the novel, "The church, so dismissible in Housekeeping, is central to Gilead" (38).
Such reminders are not presented as obligations or "hard stops"; they are usually displayed in the form of easily dismissible pop-ups or "reminder bubbles" that appear on the screen and serve solely to jog memory and provide information.
I cannot understand why the court has to prolong the agony, when case is clearly dismissible for being premature, since there was failure to exhaust administration remedies," he said in an interview.