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the removal of limbs

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Items recovered from the Fresno apartment of a kidnapping suspect who died Wednesday morning in Valencia after a high-speed police pursuit reveal a grisly fascination with rape, murder and dismemberment, authorities said.
Description: The City of San Antonio, Human Resources Department is seeking proposals from qualified vendor(s) to provide basic life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance, supplemental life insurance and dependent life insurance for employee, spouse/domestic partner and children.
Up to $2 million in group term life coverage with an equal amount of accidental death and dismemberment benefits for individual members.
Owens examines theatrical representations of decapitation and dismemberment from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries, focusing on the changes brought about by the Reformation and the radical reconfiguration of "corporeal semiotics" (18) that it produced.
Not to be confused, of course with such familiar pro-abortion ruses as saying dismemberment abortion "involves dilating the cervix and using surgical instruments to remove the fetal and placental tissue.
This cheap orgy of AD&D begs the question; does accidental death and dismemberment add any value to a client's financial health and insurance needs?
In Oklahoma, the state Senate April 8 passed the same kind of dismemberment abortion legislation, which was approved by the state House in February.
Balizet, "The Cuckold's Blazon: Dismemberment and Domesticity in Arden of Faversham and A Woman Killed with Kindness" (97-108); Thomas P.
BTA insurance is an employer/employee group-insurance plan offering protection in the event of accidental death or dismemberment due to business-related travel.
The Group $20,000 term life insurance and accidental dismemberment policy shall contain coverage no less or restrictive than current coverage in which the insurer agrees to pay ($20,000 term life) benefits under the terms of the Policy and in accordance with the established laws of the State of California.
Lots of gore, including dismemberment, and the descriptions of the nightmarish demons make this appropriate only for those with strong stomachs--it's gross as well as engrossing.
formed a reinsurance alliance to provide group life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment benefits.
Cuts on pelvic and leg bones indicate that bodies lay facedown during dismemberment.
Over the past 10 years, Axelson, the former bassist for The Dismemberment Plan, has been on dozens of such trips.
It must be remembered that until relatively recently, most crimes for which we would assess a punishment of imprisonment were punished be death by hanging or, in the case of some, death by dismemberment.