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  • verb

Synonyms for dismember

cut into pieces

Synonyms for dismember

to deprive of a limb or bodily member or its use

Synonyms for dismember

separate the limbs from the body

Related Words

divide into pieces

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Marshall and Bush were arrested earlier this week after parts of Mr Howe's dismembered body were found at locations in Hertfordshire and Leicestershire.
A POSTGRADUATE A student who killed, dismembered and ate parts of three prostitutes has been told he will die in jail.
A MAN'S dismembered body has been discovered by horrified workers at a recycling plant - days after he was freed from jail.
A police officer searching a flat at Andrews Court, Rickards Street, Graig, discovered her dismembered body just before 3pm on Friday.
Prosecutors say the couple dismembered Becky in the bath of the terrace property using a circular saw, before packing her body parts in bags, Cling-film and tape.
A MAN who killed and dismembered a student has been found guilty of murder.
A beheaded and dismembered body of a young woman without internal organs was found in a waste container in Bishkek on the cross of the Panfilov street and the railway, Bishkek City Police Department said.
In the New York trial, where the ACLU and the National Abortion Federation is challenging the ban, abortion providers testified that the unborn child is often dismembered during the procedure and that the unborn child does not immediately die after limbs are pulled off and remain alive until the head is crushed.
For instance, Steven Caras took this turbulent photograph of Peter Martins about to be dismembered by furious bacchantes in Orpheus in 1982--just about the time Martins became co-ballet master in chief, was responsible for casting, and found himself being pulled every which way.
The dismembered parts of Kwak's body were buried in three separate locations
A 17-year-old youth accused of killing a vicar and then burying his dismembered body in a shallow grave has been remanded in custody for four days.
These dismembered citizens are mere scattered pieces lost among Braille inscriptions, symbolic icons of federal programs, and a swarm of initials--the acronyms of the alphabet agencies.
Two figures sum up the poles of authority and prodigality in relation to the feminine: on one end, there is the Xeuxis story of the artist who constructs beauty by assembling the dismembered parts of a collection of women; on the other there is the myth of Orpheus, a castrated figure of artistic creation who is dismembered by women.
Mr Howe was stabbed to death and dismembered in his own home on March 8 or 9 last year, the court was told.
Mohamed D'Ali Carvalho Santos, pictured, told the court in Goiania how he stabbed Cara, 17, to death and dismembered her last year after they argued about his heavy drug use and his refusal to give her money.